Sunday, July 18, 2010

40's Movie 2

Another black and white movie from the 1940s. The beginning is the start of a parade. I believe the entire clip takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

One of the floats has a sign "Gertie the duck that made Milwaukee..." on it. Gertie the duck's story began in April of 1945.

Her story according to Wikipedia is: "Gertie the Duck is a world famous mallard and an icon of Milwaukee history. The story of her heroic efforts to hatch six ducklings became an inspiration for many Americans near the end of World War II. Gertie's story unfolded as a daily serial in the local newspaper for 37 days, captivating the residents of Milwaukee, the state and eventually the country."

The second half is a gathering of relatives. My father remembers Ferdinand DeSombre fondly. He had passed away before my birth, so I only got to know his wife Meta. He appears in this clip.

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